Hi! I’m David Valachovic and i am currently in Frisco, TX, USA. I totally rock at full stack web development and at this moment I am working on a side project.

Multiplayer DAW

This project will solve the problem of not being able to work in a DAW with people online in real-time. With this project we aim to reach new and experience music poducers. We are starting this project because I wanted something similar, but never found anything like it

Project description

It's a real-time online collaborative DAW, less emphasis on DAW. The approach to the DAW part of things is somewhat experimental, I'm trying not to build something that already exists. Browser based, react + redux + websockets + Web Audio API.

Members on this project

  • David Valachovic in Frisco, TX, USA

    • Game Development
    • JavaScript
    • Node.js
    • Music Production
    • .NET
    I am working on a side project