About Nomad Projects

Nomad Projects was started by nomads and for nomads. We understand how you think, work and travel. Some days you work 18 hours, other days not at all. Sometimes you sleep in a hostel with crappy Wifi, other days you stay in an Airbnb apartment. Nomad life is versatile.

Nomad Projects was build because we found it very difficult to find the right people to start a side project with. We had a great idea, a lot of knowledge on different spectrums, yet we needed the missing link to actually start: in our case a back-end developer.

The person we were looking for would not only have to complement our skillset, but this person would also have to fit our lifestyle and be open to a side project. Thus Nomad Projects was born.

We believe that life isn’t all about work and that you should enjoy what you are doing. This means that starting a side project is all about building something awesome, something you’d be proud of.

We hope to inspire you to bring your ideas to life in an awesome side project. As Shia Lebeouff would say it: just do it!

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