Idea posting rules

We got a lot of feedback that sharing your idea is something scary, it might be taken by someone else. We understand this might be a problem and want to help, so we set strict guidelines for posting an idea.

    You do:

  • 1. One of the best ways to secure your idea is to only reveal what is absolutely necessary.
  • 2. Instead of sharing the complete idea, share the problem the idea must solve. This way it remains mysterious what the idea itself exactly is.
  • 3. Users can ask the idea poster for more information if they are interested in joining.

    You don’t:

  • 1. You cannot post an idea that has been posted before. We know ideas are not unique and it might happen that you post something that has been posted before, but if we suspect you copied something directly from someone else, we kick you out.
  • 2. Just behave yourself on Nomad Projects. Be kind to each other. Dont see each other as competition. We're here to help each other. If you show inappropiate behaviour, you're out.

    We do this to help you:

  • 1. Idea pages are only visible for logged in users. This means your idea is only visible to fellow nomads.
  • 2. We disallow robots from search engines to idea pages. This means you will not find your idea back in Google.
  • 3. Nomad Projects is moderated. If you suspect someone is copying your idea you can send a message to Nomad Projects. We will take further actions from here.

We want to avoid people stealing ideas but it MIGHT happen. Please keep in mind that ideas are a dime a dozen, it's the execution that matters.

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