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Nomad Projects is an online community for digital nomads that want to start or collaborate on a side project. At Nomad Projects ideas meet skills. We bring nomads together so that ideas don’t stay ideas, but are actually build.


Can I join Nomad Projects if I am not a digital nomad?
Short answer: yes. Long answer: we discourage non nomads to sign up. When you are not a nomad and decide to join anyway, you have to be fully aware that you are entering a nomad side projects community and you'll have to work together with other nomads.

Will this cost me money?
No. Side projects shouldn't cost you a lot of money. Nomad Projects is completely free and our aim is to inspire nomads to build awesome stuff together.

What is a side project?
A side project is all about building something awesome. It is a project you start in your free time, next to your core business. In your profile you can indicate how much time you have for a side project. The side project we talk about is an online product that you work on because you enjoy it. It could evolve into something extraordinary or it could fail horribly. Either way you learn a lot from it.

Can I work on more side projects at the same time?
Yes you can. This all depends on how much spare time you have ;)

How many people can join my idea?
You can work with an unlimited number of team members. It is your side project, it's up to you.

How is my idea protected?
We understand it is scary to share your idea. That is why we created strict guidelines for posting an idea. They help you describe the idea and protect it. Furthermore idea pages are only visible for logged in users. This means ideas are only visible to fellow nomads. Also, search engines are dissallowed to the idea page. Last of all Nomad Projects is moderated. If you suspect someone is copying your idea or showing inappropiate behaviour you can send a message to
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