Am I a digital nomad?

For us, you are a digital nomad when you completely agree with this statement:
I love travelling and working location independent!

Are you currently working or aspire to work from a location of your choice? Setting your own schedule and discovering new places? You are in!

We digital nomads are adventurous, young of mind, innovative and are open to opportunities by nature. When you start a new side project you want to team up with someone that understands who you are and what you do. We experienced that people with regular day jobs have a totally different schedule and lifestyle.That is why Nomad Projects is a community for nomads only.

Nomad Projects is for you if …

You are a digital nomad with a great idea for a side project. You have your own skillset, yet you are looking for a nomadic partner with the right skillset to start your project with.

You are a digital nomad with the wish to join a side project. You dont have an idea yourself, but would love to join someone else's if you think their idea is awesome.

I'm ready for a new side project

Just do it!

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